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Merchant Banking
Merchant Banking describes an enterprise that not only finances a company's product or service, but also assists in developing a comprehensive business strategy.


We are a highly experienced, aggressive and successful merchant banking company that capitalizes on opportunities in the global industry.


The Firm understands the need to be flexible in its structuring of merchant banking transactions. In general, we are seeking opportunities in industries that fall within the areas of expertise of our Partners and with companies that have established a proven management team and a stable platform from which to project their business plan. We generally look for rapidly growing companies that are either cash flow positive or near the breakeven point with a substantial industry position or unique technology.


Camellia's merchant banking activity is a full-service advisory solution for companies needing more than a traditional investment banking transaction. Camellia has the resources to guide your firm in the right direction. Camellia often provides the insight and resources needed to overcome obstacles many thought to be insoluble.


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